What exactly is the problem being faced by Strident?

Prepare a 4- to 5-page paper using the attached documents for format. Support your discussion with references attached, PowerPoint presentations, and additional research as needed, listed below. In the paper address the following:

Define the problem: What exactly is the problem being faced by Strident? How does group dynamics (communications, trust, and conflict) contribute to the situation? How does the Johari Window model contribute to our understanding of the problem?

Analyze the cause: What forces are working to create this problem?

Propose a solution: What does the company need to do to turn this situation around? Use the Johari Window model to suggest solutions to the problems this organization is facing. Be specific in your suggestions of recommended actions.

Overall, you must demonstrate that you have read, understood, and can apply the background materials by citing them in support of your analysis.

Only use the attached case study, powerpoint and the following references to complete this paper:

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Please create the case study in the format below:

Example of the structure of a Case Assignment that requires 4 pages of text (not including the cover page, and not including a reference page for assignments that require one):

Cover Page
Body of Paper – Point A, Point B, Sub-point 1, Sub-point 2
– Point C, Point D