What does the evidence say about retaining experienced nurses?

What does the evidence say about retaining experienced nurses?

assignment 1

Based on what you have learned so far this week, create a PowerPoint presentation (minimum 12 slides) with detailed notes for each slide that addresses each of the following points/questions. Be sure to completely answer all the questions. Use clear headings that allow your professor to know which bullet you are addressing on the slides in your presentation. Support your content with at least four (4) citations throughout your presentation. Make sure to reference the citations using the APA writing style for the presentation. Include a slide for your references at the end. Follow best practices for PowerPoint presentations (an example is in the Resources tab) related to text size, color, images, effects, wordiness, and multimedia enhancements.

  1. Explain the five stages of group development.
  2. Describe the various information gathering methods a group may use.
  3. Explain the difference between a traditional work team and a self-managing work team.
  4. Explain the various approaches managers can use to build team performance.

assignment 2

During your practicum, determine what clinical problem or issue the organization is facing. Discuss two implications for nursing.

(First problem) Nursing shortages seem to remain a big problem. It is extremely difficult to hire and keep experienced and trained nurses in some specialties. Actively engaged employees are a whole other issue.

Class: What are some things your organization is doing to help with retention? What does the evidence say about retaining experienced nurses?

(Second problem) Nurses are often required to work more long hours.

300-400 words. At least one reference APA format.