What are your SMART goals and how are they visualized as a “tree” diagram?

My will be project is to come up with a policy and procedure for the prescription replies to be answered within a 24 hour period. My one intention is to delelope a plan where as instead of one person receiving the call, logging the request, reviewing the patient?s chart for the last visit and when the patient is scheduled to come back as a follow up as will as the medication, then calling the Pharmacist to allow the refill. This is a job for several people which several people is needed.

I was thinking that we can do a pilot study for 2 weeks (I wish I could say 6 months) with approximately 3 people, A nurse to receive the message and log the request, A nurse to review the patients chart and schedule for follow up visit if needed, and a nurse to call the request to the pharmacy. Too stay on top of the prescription refills as well for to bring these patient?s into be evaluated by the MD

Question 2 SMART Goals Guide

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Explore the SMART Goals Guide website.
Discover more about what SMART goals are and how to set your own SMART goals. How can this help in my project . In producing a policy and procedure as to reply to prescription refilled calling the Pharmacy within a 24 hour time

Question 3.
Visualizing SMART Goals

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What are SMART Goals

What are your SMART goals and how are they visualized as a “tree” diagram?

Question 4 Nursing Research (Article)

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1st Reference: Selvaambigai, V. R. (2012). Infusing nursing research into practice for quality care. Nursing Journal of India, 103(2), 77-78.
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Read and summarize the article above