What are the purposes of events held by political parties in an election year?

Consider the questions asked by the moderator. The essence of the debate is comparison and contrast. How do the questions themselves shape the debate?

2. Identify the candidates debate strategy. Does the candidate speak directly to the issues, provide specifics, and present new policies or information? Does the candidate evasively answer questions to suit his/her agenda?

3. What issues are being raised by the candidate(s)? Are there any one or two issues that are most dominant?

4. What stances are the candidates taking? What policy proposals are being offered in conjunction with each candidates position on the issues? Does the candidates position reflect that of his or her party? Why or why not?

5. Is the candidate defining his or her own stance in relation to an opponent or an opponents party?

6. Are there any issues currently a part of the public policy debate that the candidates are not addressing?

7. Was the event you viewed an effective way to obtain information about the candidates positions on issues?

8. What are the purposes of events held by political parties in an election year?

9. Do candidates simply say what they believe, or might they employ a strategy with regards to issues?

10.Identify at least three ways a candidate is using issues to appeal to voters. Has the candidate appealed to your beliefs?

11. Will the candidate win based on the issues? Evaluate the effectiveness of the candidates appeal on issues.

12. How do you feel about each candidates solutions?

13. Did any of your solutions match those of a candidate? Might this be a good reason to vote for a candidate?

14. What should/could you do if you feel you have a good idea for a solution?