What are the published ethical standards related to this dilemma based upon your current future profession

Ethics and Critical ThinkingKey Assignment:
Four to Five page paper describing: Double spaced, size 12 font 1 inch margins, not including references. Use Numbered bullets as section headers in your paper. Please remember to read the plagiarism policy in the syllabus, especially the section concerning not using quotations. All ideas must be in your own words

Genetic screening: Ethical issues surrounding Genetic testing and screening
I. History
Include major events that shape thinking associated with ethics of screening or testing
II.Current state of practice
What can be screened?
Tissues, defects?
What tests are used?
When are tests performed?
III. Example of genetic disease
Description of disease
Testing procedure
Treatment or cure

IV. Summary: What are theEthical Conflict or Dilemmas relating to the testing for this disease, support your claims with literature.

V. What are the published ethical standards related to this dilemma based upon your current future profession, if you don’t know or if your profession does not have professional standards in this area pick a professional with standards you can use.

for undecided students or those disciplines without a specific professional standard. See http://www.scu.edu/ethics/practicing/decision/thinking.html Or http://faculty.winthrop.edu/meelerd/docs/rolos/5_Ethical_Approaches.pdf

VI. Make a decision on whether you would test a patient for this disease and back up your decision with description of both potential consequences for all parties involved if you test or not test.

VII. Explain how your ownethical position is pertinent to the decision from VI and how does your ethical view on the subject relate to opposing views on the subject?

VIII. Explain how your own Critical Thinking metacognition influenced your opinions of the topic. Include your rational behind your though processes and a reflection on potential options to improve your though processes. (Graded with the Critical thinking rubric)
Samples of open-ended prompts for reflective thinking:
What new insight does this offer to my content field?
What did I learn from this experience?
How would I change this if I were to do it over again?
What, if any, new questions does this generate?
Were the results expected?
What explanations might there be for unexpected results?
How has my thinking changed as a result of this process?
What beliefs did my actions reflect?
Did my actions reflect beliefs and assumptions about which I was not aware?

VIII. References