What are the key points you will address to persuade the Board of Directors to create this position?

Final Assignment:Risk Management is a State of Mind.
If knowledge is power, you, as an education leader, should now have the understanding necessary to interpret the statement"risk management is a state of mind." Over the past weeks, you have researched and conceptualized the components of education law by considering negligence, tort liability and risk management within the legal environment of a school or education organization. You applied these concepts and the supporting laws, statutes and related practices to personnel, students in general, and students with disabilities and special needs.
Throughout this course, you consistently look at risk management and legal reasoning as critical skills of an effective education leader. Dr. Dennis Dunklees video in Modules 1 and 6 expands on these concepts, as do the readings and other resources in the course. Essential laws, statutes, and policies are examined that provide the basis for ethical and legal decision making within the education legal environment. As an education leader, you are responsible for helping others develop a conscious state of mind that is vigilantly attentive to meeting the "duty of care" and avoidance of negligence.Click Here To Get More On This Paper!!!!
In this final assignment, you will create a presentation and a proposal to a Board in your education setting that includes a bibliography as an appendix. The presentation will be a persuasive argument for creating an environment where "management is a state of mind."
To prepare for the Assignment, read the directions for the Final Assignment and Rubric that details the components of the final assignment. Review course materials and, if necessary, locate additional resources to complete the assignment.
Directions for the Final Assignment:
Create a presentation titled: "Risk Management is a State of Mind" and write a for the creation of a Director of Risk Management position in your education setting.
There are three sections in this Final Assignment:
Section One: Review of the Essential Laws and Statutes in Education
Summarize the essential laws, statutes and practices in education that are most likely to lead to litigation if not implemented correctly.
Provide case law examples that demonstrate the importance of these laws.
Section Two: Accepting Risk Management as a State of Mind
Provide an argument for why risk management should be a state of mind. Make recommendations for how to develop that state of mind in the leadership of an education organization. What role does ethical and legal decision making play in practicing the state of mind?
Section Three: The for a Director of Risk Management
Using the information gathered from Section 1 and Section 2, write a 2–3 page that will include the following criteria:
•Why should your education organization create a position for a Director of Risk Management? Cite essential laws, statues, and practices in your .
•What is the role and the responsibilities of a person in this position?
•How will the creation of this position impact your legal environment from potential litigious situations? Use examples from this course to illustrate this point.
•What are the key points you will address to persuade the Board of Directors to create this position?