What are the implications of the material?

This review should be an argument to the video. This means it should have a clearly defined thesis and use evidence and argumentation in support of that thesis. It should summarize the source material order to orient the reader, but should not be limited to a summary like a synopsis or book report. You can read and cite other material relevant to your argument in response to the given article/video. Remember, the review represents your response to the article, so be sure to demonstrate your understanding of the source material and your own original, critical thought in response to it. The word “critical” does not necessarily mean “disagree,” you are welcome to write a review that agrees or disagrees with the source material. Just be sure to provide clear reasons for your stance. Make sure your review accurately reflects the content of the assigned material. Display your critical thinking skills by paying attention to the following: What is the main / take-home message of the
article/video? What do you like about it? Why? What in it don’t you “buy”? Why not? What would you have done differently? What are the implications of the material?
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