What are the consequences of pain

Each and every professional nurse brings his or her own personal experiences, beliefs, and values to the professional nursing practice. After watching the Elder Project- Seven Seniors Face the Future video and reading evidence based policy solution document, apply evidence based practice and discuss the following:

• Summarize what wellness within chronic illness means to you?
• What are the consequences of pain in the older adult?
• What are the age-related changes that affect psychological and cognitive functioning?
Examples from the student’s practice/experience are provided to illustrate the discussion concepts.
“The Elder Project” – The Elder Project follows seven diverse seniors over two years and records their experiences through a series of short and candid episodic stories. As they face the possibility of increasing frailty and transitioning into more dependent-living scenarios, the elders talk of their concerns and eloquently express their desire to grow older with dignity and some control over their future.