What action recommendations can I make for others to be more effective as an entrepreneur?

This is the CRITICAL foundation for later sections. Picture, select and describe behaviours, processes, or
issues that youve come across. Ask yourself:
??What did I see? What did I hear? What did I feel during experiencing the issue?
??What happened? Use at least two real life examples.
Attempt to convey your own understanding of the issues that you experienced. Make sense of your own
experience in your own words
??What conclusions (or inferences) can I derive from my observations and experience?
??What meanings or sense can I make of it?
??What helped or hindered me from achieving my learning goals?
Demonstrate your knowledge of lean startup. Show what you have learned, and purposefully and
persuasively argue your case in applying the concepts/theory learned in lectures/readings/your own
Outstanding work will demonstrate use of theory beyond the lectures/readings.
•How does theory that I came across make more meaning of my experience?
•How does theory explain what happened, could have prevented mistakes?
•What generalisations can I make for the wider world?
(iv) ACTIVE PLANNING: Recommendations
Make action recommendations for yourself as a potential entrepreneur. Recommendations must link back to
the theory above (validate!) not just your own opinion. What should you learn, why/how should you behave in
certain manner to be more effective: 1] individually, and 2] in groups?
??How can I change my behaviour to be a more effective entrepreneur?
??What would others see or hear me doing differently?
??What action recommendations can I make for others to be more effective as an entrepreneur?