What about their health support and children?

Bengal famine happened because of poor economic situation, family women were forced on sex trade (prostitution ) and acted as bread-winners of families .not all women included but many forced ,even by their own family members .after the famine some of them turned back to their family lives and some continued their prostitution .down the decades even now rap is very common in Bengal ,Calcutta , Bihar uttar Pradesh ……and nearby states in India .even group rapicism is given as a punishment to some women (who did any fault ) by the head of village .sex trade is very common (kind of legal ) in Calcutta and Bengal.
1. What is the connection of sex trade down the ages? Is there any connection between prostitution and famine?
2. Why rapicism is acceptable in some remote village in India sometimes for punishing women?
3. What happed for that woman who wants to scarify themselves for the family during the famine? What position society gave them after Famine?
4. What about their health, support and children?
5. Discuses about: can we consider the famine is one of the main reasons for prostitution and rape in India today?
6. Please give chart, picture, draft or any other things that help to prove the article .
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8. The reference should include /page number, place of publication.date ,and all that details
9. Kindly write abstract ,introduction ,methodology and write titles and subtitle for the article

• One of the famous novels about the Bengal famine is So Many Hungers! (1947) by Bhabani Bhattacharya’s ,so kindly give an example or quote from this novel or other novels, which have written by Bhabani Bhattacharya. (One example or quotation from any of his novels is enough)
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