Was the person you wanted to harm male or female?

Day 1: Even average, everyday people occasionally have thoughts of harming others. Think back to the last time you purposefully wanted to harm another person. Write a brief description of the episode. Consider the following:

a. Was the person you wanted to harm male or female?

b. had the person insulted you in some way?

c. Did you feel you had to protect yourself or others in this situation?

d. What violent actions did you consider?

e. Were your violent actions based on something you read or watched. If yes, what?

f. Did you act on your impulses?

Day 2: Reflect on actions or steps that you can take to help yourself feel less angry. Make a list of realistic options.

Day 3. Write about your experiences with bullying. Were you the victim, perpetrator or merely a witness? How did this situation impact you? How did you handle the situation?

Day 4. Discuss the ways that parents teach aggression to their children.

Day 5. List the situational factors that you feel contribute to road rage. What are some of the ways that city planners, the police and the community can work to reduce road rage & create friendlier driving behaviors?