Using the material and information from this course, you will need to perform an in-depth analysis on one of the five companies you selected in Part One and prepare a written research report on this company.


Your target audiences are portfolio managers and analysts. Part Three should be no longer than three pages of single-spaced
text and three optional pages of graphs, charts, spreadsheets, etc. The optional items should be used to illustrate and back up the body and conclusion of your
research report. Do not include copies of financial statements or charts from the 10K/10Q as the portfolio manager already has access to these items.

The goal of the research report will be to determine the intrinsic value of the selected company through use of a valuation model. You may determine that the company
is overvalued, undervalued, or fairly valued based on your calculations. The important aspects of the report will be the method and logic you use to come up with your
“accurate” valuation. The structure of the report and the date/exhibits will be left up to you. There is no right or wrong report format.

You may use any valuation method as long as it makes sense and you effectively back-up the report’s conclusion. Include a copy of your valuation spreadsheet as one of
your exhibits.

One useful tip is to become familiar with other Wall Street research reports and see how the “Pro’s” value an individual company. Once you have your valuation, be sure
to compare and contrast your valuation vs. that of the current market. Remember that you will be graded on how well you make your valuation case, using a valuation
method that is both sound and accurate.

Major topics to cover in the report: Business model analysis (10 Points)
Risk/Return and Financial Ratio analysis discussion (15 Points)
Historical and Future performance (10 Points)
Earnings and Cash-flow analysis (15 Points)
Assumption Justification (10 Points)
Intrinsic Value and Valuation Model. (15 points)
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