Use the middle range nursing theory in your presentation and describe how it can be used in practice.


In this paper, you will use the middle range nursing theory that you used in your presentation and describe how it can be used in practice. This paper should be no more than10 pages long.
The focus of this paper is on the application of a middle range theory to nursing practice. A brief description of the components of the theory should be presented in this paper. However, since this should have been done in your presentation, the focus in the paper will be on application. The proposed guidelines are based on Chinn and Kramer (2008).
Please note that because this is a scholarly paper, it is always an expectation that you use the published literature (40 points of this paper). Theory web sites ( and textbooks are secondary sources about the theory, unless the writer is critiquing the theory. If you quote the theorist who says “many studies have been done”, you have used a secondary resource. This paper requires you to use primary sources. You will lose substantive points in each area for the use of secondary resources. You must use your electronic library.

A maximum of 5 points will be deducted for errors in APA. Since this is the second paper in this course, it is expected that there are no APA errors.
If paper is longer than 10 pages, grade will be based upon 10 pages (not including title page or references). IF your professor allows you to rewrite this paper, the grade begins at 85%. Papers without evidence of substantive work and a very good faith effort will not be allowed to be rewritten.