use of resources in a health care

Discuss Briefly on one of the following sets of budget concepts:
Personnel, operating and capital budgets

Fixed/variable, controllable/non-controllable costs for healthcare organizations

Budgeting methods (incremental, zero-based, flexible, performance-based)


Use of critical pathways

In addition to your initial response, describe one or more strategies nurses can use to increase cost-effective use of resources in a health care setting.

Be sure to apply concepts from the readings and research. Cite all references using APA format.

Describe a situation related to patient advocacy. Discuss the ethical and legal components of the situation. Share how you would or did advocate for the patient in that situation. Discuss potential barriers to advocacy in the situation. How would you manage the barriers?
*Apply concepts from the reading. Cite all references.

Communication and Delegation
Describe a time when you experienced a communication breakdown and with whom.

What was the situation?

What style of communication was used: assertive, aggressive, passive/aggressive, passive?

What environmental, biological, or personal or cultural issues may have impacted the communication process (e.g. stereotypes, biases, the difference in values, preferences, gender, race, and age)?

What efforts were made to improve communication? Were the efforts effective? If not, what other strategies might have been used to improve the communication outcome?