The statistics researched needs to be found on the US census, fact finder, the CDC, Healthy People 2020 and government or county websites.

At this point only Part I and II need to be completed. Some of the information may not be available for Immokalee, therefore, Collier county data can be used.

This paper has to be done in APA format 8-10 pages not including title or reference page. The information that needs to be collected is outlined in the Public Health Nursing Assessment Tool which has been uploaded for use. It has to be in paragraph format and I can use only one Table. Only the first two parts need to be done for this part of the paper. Part I, determinants of health and part II, Analysis of health status. The data has to be collected using government, county or state websites. US census bureau, cdc, American fact finder. The area I am researching is Immokalee, Florida which is in Collier county. You can also use collier county if you can’t find specific information on Immokalee. I am also going to try to upload what I did so far