The purpose of this paper is to explore the concept of mental health recovery. Researchsuggests that recovery involves a journey that is self-directed and person centered (AmericanPsychological Association, 2012).


This assignment is intended to give students an opportunity to explore mental health recovery
in more depth and consider how it may be applied to their nursing practice. Review and
synthesize the literature related to mental health recovery and address the points listed below
as a suggested guide for inclusion in the paper.
? consider how recovery is defined
? why is recovery important in mental health nursing?
? are there principles that guide the recovery process?
? are there different methods for the purpose of recovery?
? consider the role nurses play and the effect their role has on patient outcomes.
? describe barriers that inhibit mental health recovery
This scholarly paper must incorporate both research and non-research based literature and is
to follow APA format. The length of the paper should not exceed 8 pages excluding the title
and reference pages. The paper will be evaluated based upon the Scholarly Paper Marking
Guide (See APPENDIX C).
When submitting this assignment, students shall attach copies of the reference papers
used as well as their scholarly paper in their envelope. References will be returned. MAKE SURE TO SEND THE REFERENCE COPIES USED.PLEASE USE ALL TEN DAYS GIVEN