The immune system acts as a defense mechanism to keep us healthy


The immune system acts as a defense mechanism to keep us healthy. The immune system reacts when exposed to antigens to fight off pathogens. There are times when our immune system in unable to fight these off causing us to be sick or have some sort of reaction. Hypersensitivity reactions is just another way to say allergic reaction (Randall, 2018). This is when our mast cells become destroyed, releasing histamine. When histamines release into the body, an allergic response occurs. (Randall, 2018). The reaction depends on the person, some people have mild reactions and some people have severe reactions. Mild reactions will cause symptoms like itching, watery eyes, scratchy throat, and possible rash (Randall, 2018). Severe reactions may cause anaphylactic shock and can be life-threatening, action needs to be taken right away. These symptoms could include hives, feeling of doom, fever, nausea and vomiting, trouble breathing and back pain (Randall, 2018). These reactions require immediate attention. An example is blood administration. Baseline vitals are obtained and assessment questions are asked, such as any chills, shortness of breath, back pain, headache, are they super tired, feeling nauseous and any rash. Most reactions occur within the first 15 minutes and patients are monitored closely during this timeSchool aged children should be educated regarding the hypersensitivity that they or their classmates have to peanuts, and how to manage symptoms.