The following post is from another student to wish i have to reply adding some extra information. less than 20 % similarity   3 paragraph 

The following post is from another student to wish i have to reply adding some extra information. less than 20 % similarity   3 paragraph


Discussion Post

Nursing theories are a great help for nurses through strategies and methodologies that ensure effective and optimum care delivery to the patients in the healthcare field. The current nursing schools have the responsibility to provide accurate knowledge to future nurses with fundamental inclusion of on nursing theories. However, as explained by McDonough and Quinn in their 2019 article “Nursing Theory in Hospital Models of Care, “as much as current research focuses on nursing concepts in professional practice, a significant component in nursing theory escapes in the models mentioned above. Ideally, nurses have to acquire, understand and synthesize a great variety of information, research, and use critical thinking, which requires guidance. The nursing theory should not omit nursing concepts since they hold a foundational role in practice models and nursing as a profession.

Nurses who wish to integrate theory into practice should contemplate the personal doctrines and mission of training. These theories are essential in nursing since they offer foundational knowledge to supplement care concepts that sustain the profession (Quinn & McDonough, 2019). The aspect is significant because it allows the professionals to articulate evidence that governs their practice (Younas, 2017). These theories are mostly well structured and knowledge-driven concepts that outline the compass of nursing practice. The conclusion that nursing theory misses in teaching concepts has been debated in several studies, including Shireen et al. (2020), who explained that the same methods are depictions of evidence-based practice. Still, they miss within the area of profession.

If someone else looked at this from the same perspective and based on the points discussed, the outcome would be the same. Nursing theories should not be ignored in conceptual frameworks since they are centrally significant in healthcare delivery and nursing. Anyone regardless of nursing background can understand this as this applies to any field, where foundations are the building block upon which a structure is created. However, these can only assist in patient care if the professional has the necessary qualifications and knowledge to adhere to the guidelines. Nursing has made phenomenal achievements in the past but embracing a more theory-based approach is likely to make modern medicine expressive and more oriented to professionalism other than a vocation.


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