termination through starvation.? Discuss the role that ego, power, and politics play in this form of termination


Unit VIII Essay
Compose an essay explaining ?termination through starvation.? Discuss the role that ego, power, and politics play in this form of termination. Your essay should consist of no less than three pages, and all references and in-text citations should be shown in APA format.
5. LBJ Bio-Med –
6. LBJ Security ?
7. LBJ Safety ?
8. LBJ IP ?
9. LBJ EVS ?
10. IT Low voltage ?
11. HCED Contract Compliance:

Part 4:

Develop a statement of work for the project, using the format of (1) background, (2) task, (3) objectives, (4) approach, and (5) input source.

Remodel the LBJ Nursing Unit 2C – Semi-Private Room Conversion Project


1. Facilities ?
2. LBJ Ops Mgr. ?
3. LBJ Nursing ?
4. LBJ Engineering –
5. LBJ Bio-Med –
6. LBJ Security ?
7. LBJ Safety ?
8. LBJ IP ?
9. LBJ EVS ?
10. IT Low voltage ?
11. HCED Contract Compliance:


1. The Preconstruction Conference planning agenda will be distributed
2. The phase 1 project will remodel the LBJ Nursing Unit 2C to the standards developed for
The Semi-Private Room Conversion Project. New flooring, new paint, new ceiling tiles,
New millwork, and selected new furniture and equipment will be provided. A designated
Semi-private and isolation room will be ADA/TDLR accessible. All bed rooms will have
New roll-in type showers with ceramic tile floors and walls. Existing plumbing fixtures,
Lights and doors will be used. There will be very few new doors needed. Construction
Will be provided by Construction Manager.
3. Project Manager will need to coordinate utility shutdowns with Risk Assessment team.
4. Engineering will take advantage of the nursing unit being down and work on Maintenance
Items needing routine or long term maintenance.


1. The construction phases take about 6 months to complete. This phase is schedule to
Start September 6, 2016 and complete in March 3, 2017.
2. The Contractor shall coordinate with EVS to remove any bio-hazard or medical supplies.
3. The Contractor confirmed all on-site personnel will have completed the LRC training for
Construction workers.
4. The team was notified that it would need to reassess risks should the scope change.
5. The Contractor shall monitor staff behavior to ensure all Harris Health policies and
Safety procedures are followed.arrishealth.org
6. The Contractor shall maintain all records and documentation and make them available
To the team.
7. The Contractor shall maintain constant communication with the Planning PM for all
General activities changes, new obstructions of egress, on-site conflicts or issues that
May arise, and project scope changes.
8. IP shall ensure Contractor and subs are educated about infection risks and conduct

Part 5:
Next, create a Work Breakdown Structure for the project. What are the key steps, including work packages, tasks, and any related subtasks for the project?

Thursday, September 15th, 2016
? Project Contacts ? see attached list. If someone from your group needs to be added, email Herbert Maduro with the changes.
? All Email Communication:
Subject: LBJ SPRC Phase 2 Unit 2C

Line Number Start Date End Date Activity Responsibility Comments Status
1 6/1/2016 7/27/2016 Complete Epic Print Routing Spreadsheet IT Complete
2 6/1/2016 6/27/2016 Pick-up Nursing Station Chairs from LBJ Warehouse Wald Complete
3 6/1/2016 6/27/2016 Deliver/install paper towel dispensers EVS, Construction Complete
4 6/1/2016 6/27/2016 Deliver/install lotion dispensers EVS, Construction Complete
5 6/1/2016 6/27/2016 Deliver/install soap dispensers EVS, Construction Complete
6 6/1/2016 6/27/2016 Deliver/Install clocks + batteries Contstruction , Operations, Relocation Wald to install/ Batteries need to be ordered by nursing
7 6/27/2016 7/1/2016 Deliver/install glove box holders EVS, Construction Complete
8 6/27/2016 7/5/2016 Install Sharps Containers Steric Complete
9 8/19/2016 8/19/2016 Install Interpreter Phones Telecom, Interpretation Services Waiting for bedside tables Complete
10 8/19/2016 8/22/2016 Distribute Trash cans EVS Wald to deliver to unit from LBJ warehouse
11 8/19/2016 8/22/2016 Conduct Final Clean EVS
12 8/22/2016 8/22/2016 Linen Hampers EVS Herbert to give count
13 8/22/2016 8/22/2016 Stock Paper Towel Dispensers EVS
14 8/22/2016 8/22/2016 Stock Hand Sanitizer EVS
15 8/22/2016 8/22/2016 Stock Soap Dispensers EVS
16 8/23/2016 8/23/2016 IP Testing Infection Prevention
17 8/23/2016 8/24/2016 Hang Curtains EVS Turn over to Herbert
18 8/23/2016 8/23/2016 Safety Training and Orientation for New Unit Safety
19 8/25/2016 8/25/2016 Stock Nourishment Refrigerators Nourishment Stock after move
20 8/24/2016 8/24/2016 Ribbon Cutting, Open House, and Blessing of the Hands Nursing
21 8/24/2016 8/24/2016 Activate Badges for 2B HHS Ops
22 8/25/2016 8/25/2016 Relocate Medication Pyxis Pharmacy
23 8/25/2016 8/25/2016 Stock Medication Pyxis Pharmacy @ 5am
24 8/25/2016 8/25/2016 Stock Linens Linen Dept
25 8/25/2016 8/25/2016 Relocate Crash Carts Supply Chain
26 8/25/2016 8/25/2016 Relocate Supply Pyxis Supply Chain
27 8/25/2016 8/25/2016 Relocate O2 Tanks Supply Chain

Name Department Required Optional Phone Number
Johnny Ringo Operations X 713-222-2222
Wyatt Earp Operations X 713-222-2222
Mr. Coakley Relocation Services X 713-222-2222
Jesse James 2B Nursing Manager X 713-222-2222
Al Jackson Biomed X 713-222-2222
Daniel Ball Engineering X 713-222-2222
Herbert Maduro EVS X 713-222-2222
Kevin Locky Facilities PMO X 713-222-2222
Beatrice Woo IP – Manager X 713-222-2222
Leon Mayfield IP X 713-222-2222
Bala Kana IT – Business X 713-222-2222
All Allbright Locksmith X 713-222-2222
Lobby Hall Logistics Move Services (LMS) X 713-222-2222
Harold Commi Safety & Environmental Health X 713-222-2222
Luchese Walker Supply Chain Management & Linen X 713-222-2222
Vendor Contact List
Product Company Vendor Contact Phone Number
Bedside Tables Office Pavilion Ryan Hargrove 713-222-2222
Overbed Tables Sta Laura lo 713-222-2222
Patient Care Boards 713-222-2222
Patient Care Boards 713-222-2222
Patient Room Furniture 713-222-2222
Sharps Containers 713-222-2222
Nursing Office Furniture 713-222-2222
Nursing Station Seating 713-222-2222

Part 6:
Please use at least four fictional group members and create a Responsibility Matrix.
Herbert- EVS John- Construction David- IP Lisa- Biomed
Deliver/install paper towel dispensers

Deliver/install lotion dispensers

Distribute Trash cans

Hang Curtains




Pinto, Jeffrey. (2010). Project Management- Achieving Competitive Advantage. (2nd edition.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.