Question description

Encourage to develop information literacy skills, effectively use APA format in creating a formal paper, develop clear and concise writing skills, and increase your knowledge and understanding of nursing informatics and healthcare information technology concepts.


Apply informatics theory and content from the course modules, informed by current literature and course materials. Write for the topic below:


Theoretical framework examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

Graves and Corcoran’s Model
Sciwirian’s Model
Turley’s Model
Data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom (DIKW) Model
Sociotechnical Theory
Rogers’s Diffusion of Innovation Theory
Lewin’s Change Theory
Information Theory
General-System Theory
Chaos Theory

Note: The theoretical framework will serve as the underlying foundation for the paper. Here, you are to demonstrate how it may be applied to a specific nursing informatics issue.

Using that topic and the theoretical framework or model, write a paper for about 17 pages in narrative, not including the title and reference pages.

The paper should follow APA format and include the following sections:

Implications and conclusions with future directions
References (minimum 7 to 10)