Teaching and learning


Order Description
1. Discuss types of accommodations (including rationales) that you as a faculty/nurse educator should make in the learning spaces (ground-based and online) to maximize learning for students with disabilities.
2. Describe three teaching/learning strategies you will use with your intended audience. Include advantages, disadvantages, and teaching tips associated with each. Further describe how each of these strategies will help your learners achieve the objectives you have determined and why.
write how you will enhance multiple aspects of your educational offering through the use of educational technology. Discuss specific technological advances and strategies you will use in your educational offering.
3. Explain issues related to the use of technology in education and how you address each of those issues, use examples from your own context. What resources are available to support technology in education? Add references and websites in support of your posting.
4. In what ways do you see Information technology transforming health care? What role will nursing have in this transformation?
5. write a philosophy of teaching (no more than three paragraphs) based on the integration of what you have learned