Summarize the comments on Queen Elizabeth

The Bible pp. 538-41 (pp. 618-20 in 8th ed.)
2. Queen Elizabeth pp. 593-95 (pp. 687-88, 695-96 in 8th ed.)
3. Shakespeare, p. 1026 (p. 1058 in 8th ed.): introduction plus the following poems: 12, 15, 18, 35, 55, 73, 97, 116, 130, 138, 144
4. Sonnet from Romeo and Juliet

Note from syllabus:
For each lesson, a student must use (quote, summarize, and/or paraphrase from) each assigned reading, including primary sources, and at least one academic-quality research source, unless otherwise stated. Works Cited must include all primary sources (the story, poem, etc. under discussion), all other assigned readings, and at least one academic-quality research source.
For each assigned reading from the textbook, student should also read the introductory essay and use it, cite the correct author, and list it by title in the Works Cited.

Please include your entire lesson in just ONE file, using Word or WordPerfect. Do not break your lesson into more than one file. Also do not break your Works Cited into pieces. According to MLA style, you should have ONLY ONE Works Cited, and that should come after a Page Break at the END of your lesson.

Writing Assignment:
1. Summarize the high points of the introduction to the section on the Bible, and then comment on why so many translations were done in this Tonnye period and the differences among them in the translation of the passage provided. (.5 page)

2. Summarize the comments on Queen Elizabeth and why her name has been given to what is often considered the greatest literary period. Comment briefly on her poems (quote from both).

3. Pick six Shakespeare sonnets to work with. Briefly summarize four of them in a 1/2-page paragraph. Be sure to cite, quote, document (line numbers). Then write a complete 14-line paraphrase of one poem in modern English (it does not have to rhyme). Finally, write a one-page poetic analysis of the final poem, analyzing speaker, listener, use of connotation, any use of irony, any use of hyperbole, other literary elements of your choosing, and theme. Need I say that here you must use the intro to Shakespeare and your research?