strategies to determine the effectiveness nursing

Accurate nursing diagnosis identified and correctly expressed.
 A person-centred goal of care is identified.
 3 appropriate nursing actions described.
 A clear rationale for each action discussed.
 Evaluation strategies to determine the effectiveness nursing actions
 Nursing actions, rationales and evaluation strategies for determining
effectiveness are accurate and supported by evidence from high
quality sources.
 Writing is clear and coherent (including appropriate sentence
structure, spelling and grammar).
 Correct paraphrasing and referencing are evident.
Overall quality of referencing 9-10 8 7 5-6 0-4
 At least six different high quality references are utilised e.g. (peer
reviewed journals, textbooks, health policy documents, government
 An accurate reference list is provided.
 No more than 10% direct quotes.
Note: The difference in marks for each section of this rubric will be determined by how well each of the specified
elements are addressed.
Assignments with significant Turnitin matches indicative of poor referencing and paraphrasing will receive zero marks
for the relevant section(s)