Specifically what was Lincolns purpose in the speech?

Choose one of the speeches from the list below then answer the following

. What is the historical context for the speech you have chosen? Specifically, what was Lincolns purpose in the speech? Why did he give the speech? What was he trying to accomplish?


Apply one of the rhetorical criticism techniques from the list below to one of Lincolns speeches. Give several specific examples to show you understanding. Now, what is something new or non-obvious you learned about the speech by doing so? What new insights, if any, does this new information give you either about Lincoln, his goals, his politics, or the situation in which he gave this speech?

3- Lastly, draw a comparison between this speech by Lincoln and any modern speech in terms of rhetorical technics. Which speech was more effective? Why? Be sure to defend your answer BASED ON COURSE rhetorical criticism chosen and not just your opinion.

The speeches you can choose from are numbered and the the rhetorical criticism are in alphabetical order :

1- Lincolns Second Inaugural Address

A- Pentadic Criticism

2- Letters to A. G. Hodges and James Conkling by Abraham Lincoln

B- Narrative Criticism