Smoking cessation

Order Description
(assignment specification copied from course handbook) DESCRIPTION OF ASSESSMENT: A 6000 word literature review project, which critically analyses
and evaluates one aspect of professional practice relevant to Nursing/ Midwifery.
You are required to:
i) Build on skills, knowledge and understanding gained in the previous courses,
and demonstrate the ability to critically examine and evaluate literature
relevant to your own area of professional practice.
ii) Demonstrate a thorough and systematic understanding of research processes
and critiquing skills throughout the review and present the findings in a
critical, coherent and structured manner.
iii) Develop and utilise information and communication technology in order to
maintain an understanding of recent innovations and developments in care
iv) Based on evidence outlined, evaluate professional practice in the context of
multi professional and client centred care in order to identify professional,
legal and ethical implications.
Your project will be marked against the Level 6 grading criteria
Page Numbering
1. Pages should be numbered, 1 onwards from first page of text, in the centre
and at the foot of each page and should continue to the end, including
Paper size and spacing
A4 paper to be used, typed on one side only,
Reference list- please ensure line spacing between references;
Appendices- single line spacing if possible.
There should be
a) A title page, which contains the title of the review, the student’s I D number ,
the degree for which the project is submitted and the date of submission,
word count, University of Greenwich, Faculty of Education and Health
b) An abstract of no more than 200 words (not included in word limit) which
includes an outline of the topic reviewed, the scope of the review in terms of
breadth of the literature search, a summary of the main issues addressed and
arising, conclusions drawn and recommendations for further investigation,
and practice development.
c) Acknowledgements to organisations, funding bodies (if appropriate),
supervisors, advisors and others who have contributed to the review.
d) A table of contents with chapter headings and sub-headings, references, and
e) The main review, divided into appropriate chapters, references, and
appendices (see below).

(in my own words)
The dissertation must be a literature review that critically analyses 10-14 primary research articles. Through this research 2-3 themes are produced and discussed.
I do not mind on the topic, but it must be related to smoking cessation and I would like to be informed to ensure it is appropriate for my course.