Should Australia become a Republic?

Should Australia become a Republic? Explain your answer.
W. Should Australia become a Republic? Explain your answer task 2 1500 words more information in upload files
This is intended as a brief checklist of some things to do and prepare for the course. It is not a replacement for the Course Outline or my and the tutor’s further guidelines in classes. Below are a few very common points that come up every course.

• Read the Course Outline carefully. It contains important information about the course that is not covered in this Brief.
• Check your USC email at least daily.
• The tutor’s consult times and office location are on the first Lecture/Seminar slides. Email him/her first so they can schedule you in.
• Resubmits for submitted work are rarely offered and there needs to be a very good reason. If a resubmit is offered by the course coordinator then the maximum potential grade is 50% PASS. Papers may be returned unmarked and for resubmission if, for example, the Assignment Coversheet was not used, all available page numbers were not inserted intext references, or other basic directions have not been followed.
• Attend your enrolled tute. This is a planning and OH&S requirement.
• Plan and organize your time. Most courses require early submission of work and then further work submission towards or at the end of the course.

• Attend as many classes as you are able. Frequency of attendance is up to you but active engagement during the course significantly helps you to understand the course topics and discussions.

• All papers on this course are completed as formal academic essays with appropriate referencing as per the Harvard quick referencing guide that I have placed under your course on BlackBoard.
• All submitted essays must complete and use the Assignment Coversheet then continue to use the same document for your essay paper.
• The tutor may be prepared (check with the tutor first) to look at and discuss your Drafts but not via email. Contact the tutor for availability.
• All work submissions are electronic via SafeAssign. Papers will be graded and suggestions offered then returned to you individually via your USC email. The one hard copy that is required for your tutor is a hard copy of your tute essay topic before you deliver your presentation to the class.
• Submit work on time. This is to be fair to everyone – late submission without discussion with the tutor beforehand and/or without substantive reason is subject to marks deductions.

Tutorial Essay Paper and Presentation
• Questions/topics will be allocated during the second tute. To prepare, read the Tutorial Essay Topics and Events List.docx under the Learning Materials menu in Blackboard. Not all the topics will be available. It depends on tute numbers. Read the document and highlight for yourself 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or more preferences. We apply a random selection process to determine your final topic.
• Both the Tutorial Paper and Presentation are assessed separately and the final grade is a combination of both. Refer to a detailed breakdown of the assessment criteria for both in the Course Outline.
• Prepare the 3 facilitation questions before your presentation. They must be submitted with your Tute paper and after the List of References at the end.
• There are no quotes allowed for the Simulation essay. Paraphrase, discuss instead and acknowledge the source/s intext as appropriate. Quotes are OK for the Tutorial Essay paper and Presentation but limited to two with a max of 40 words each.
• All intext references require available page numbers.
• Word count is essay content only. That is, excluding the assignment cover sheet at the front and the List of References at the end (and the 3 Facilitation Questions in the case of the Tutorial essay paper) .
• A hard copy of your Simulation essay and your tute topic essay and facilitation questions must be delivered to the tutor before your presentation for the Simulation and before your tute topic essay presentation to the class.
• The electronic version of your full tute essay paper must be uploaded to SafeAssign before you present your paper to your class colleagues. No or late submission without good reason = no presentation = no marks.

SIMULATION Event and Simulation Essay Paper
• Submission of Simulation essay to SafeAssign prior to the Simulation event and attendance at both the Simulation guidelines sessions and the Simulation event are requirements for this course. If the essay paper is not uploaded to SafeAssign before the Simulation event then the potential maximum mark is 50%. Also in this case unfortunately you will not be able to attend the Simulation classes either. This is to be fair to everyone who do not have the benefit of listening to the Simulation discussions and then writing the essay paper afterwards. The marks penalty does not apply if there are unavoidable medical, personal or other substantial reasons involved that prohibit you from submitting your essay on time.
• There are no quotes permitted in the Simulation Paper. Paraphrase where appropriate.