select a type of long term or residential care facility, assignment help

Each student is to select a type of long term or residential care facility and research this category in depth. Information that needs to be researched is the

  1. history of the type of care provided
  2.  a description of the facility selected,
  3. an evaluation/analysis of the pluses and minuses of the care provided by the facility including physical setting and healthcare provider aspects, cost, other patient options,
  4. impact of legislation on care and
  5. suggestions for improvement.
  6. The research assignment must be written in the students own words in a grammatically correct manner. Please be certain to include information from the nursing home compare website: The typewritten (12 point font, Times New Roman), double-spaced part of the report should be between 5-6 pages in length (not less than 5 pages). The Grading Rubric is at the end of this syllabus.

The facility I chose is Millennium Memory Care At Monroe, N.J.

Please provide references with everything.