re structure the introduction the following should be there a theoretical introduction organisational introduction very little. a lot of company information in the previous assignment is irrelevant so please remove and highlight how my research will benefit the organisation. please make the intro spot on and precise.

problem identification = added value
aim and objectives to be redone make them SMART focus on satisfaction and dissatisfaction. how will we critically analyse and apply the relevant theories on satisfaction to this case study. please make it smart.
an overview of the rest of the project
please add more references to the literature review. deeper level of critical analysis. influences and effects of interview questions. please ensure the analysis is appropriate and not limited.
research design – deeper analysis. to be
improvise the methodology.
Please formulate 12 questions on job satisfaction the question to be conducted for 9 employees – crew trainer / managers/crew members / part time employees
their response is to be transcribed on paper
the recommendation conclusions are to be modified and altered.
through out the assignment please give importance to WHY?? and SO WHAT to get a better understanding as to the outcomes of every thing and why it is actually happening.


“Investigating the factors that contribute to employee dissatisfaction or being undecided within the Edinburgh based franchises of McDonalds”

Job satisfaction refers to an individual’s, in this case, an employee, feeling or condition of mind occasioned by the nature of their employment. Many factors lead to these attitudes. This report statement endeavors to analyze these factors concerning job dissatisfaction and the lack of decidedness among the employees in the Edinburgh-based franchises of McDonalds. The report will examine the courses of these factors, their effects, solutions (if any) and after that recommend of the way forward for the McDonalds franchise. The McDonald’s fleets of restraints need to develop and evolve their services to attain their employees’ satisfaction. McDonald is an organization provider of Quick Restaurant Services to some of its customers worldwide. The little McDonald restaurant has now grown and given birth to some of the side restaurants under their leading brand name.
McDonald’s restaurant business is a descendant of an ordinary hamburger stand opened and owned by two McDonald siblings, Richard McDonald, and Maurice McDonald. The two brothers in California ran the legendary hamburger stand starting 1940 to 1954. In 1954, Ray Kroc, a man who had sold out his Multimixer milkshake makers to the McDonalds business, visited the restaurant and after that offered to open proposed to open other McDonald’s restaurants. They ended up buying the company any from Dick and Mac McDonald. Kroc oversaw the growth of the restaurants worldwide to a number higher than 30,000 McDonald restaurants operating today with annual revenue, which is greater than $22 billion. The franchise is one of the most inspiring American success stories. The management of the new side restraints spills from the top management. The management shares their management duties with individuals in the different localities who voluntarily joins the business and creates a restaurant under the McDonald’s umbrella.