rovide a brief summary about the family including the following information

Community Health Nursing Practicum

Complete a home safety/home environmental assessment using the tool provided (20)

Assess and describe the family’s level of Emergency Preparedness (5)

Assessment – Provide a brief summary about the family including the following information:

Type of family

Describe the family functions

Describe the family structure

Is the family healthy or dysfunctional? (10)

Health Risk Appraisal – Conduct a family health risk appraisal assessing for the presence of specific factors in each of the categories that have been identified as being associated with an increased likelihood of an illness (Biological/age-related health risk, Environmental risk, Behavioral risk(5)

Identify at least 5 resources/strengths the family possesses. (5)

Identify and list at least top 5 family needs. Prioritize the identified needs. (10)


Design a detailed culturally appropriate intervention plan for 1 or more of the needs identified and list specific public/community health nursing roles you would employ in addressing the family need (from intervention wheel – home visits, screening, case management, etc.). Include the level of prevention you used (primary, secondary or tertiary). (10)

Review literature and select one article from the literature in support of the identified intervention.Use the article to support your design and attach the article.(5)

Implement the intervention with the family, providing appropriate resources as indicated. (5)

Evaluation- Develop an evaluation plan for the intervention and include recommendations for the future. Follow-up with the family to conduct an initial evaluation of the intervention. (5)
Organization Structure

Includes purpose in introduction.
Paper is logically arranged with introduction, body, and summary.
Subsections and paragraphs reflect the main idea.

Transitions occur between thoughts.
Literacy and Style

Uses professional vocabulary.
Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

Maintains economy of expression.

Title page is correct.
Page numbering is accurate.
Page header is appropriate.
Citation of references in text is correct.
Direct quotes
Reference list follows APA format.
Citations in text are included on reference list
Reference list citations are included in text

Final Grade

Safety Hazard Yes No

Are medications safely stored and adequately labeled?______
Are throw rugs, area rugs, and flooring materials secured?______
Is there adequate lighting in each room?______
Are there telephone cords or electrical cords in walkways?______
Do the entry doors locks with deadbolts?______
Are combustibles, such as newspapers, stored ______
Is there adequate space around space heaters?______
Are there exposed heating pipes?______
Is the room/house heated cooled adequately and safely?______
Is water heater set at 120F or lower?
Is there a portable fire extinguisher available in the kitchen?______
Do occupants who are smokers demonstrate safe handling
Does the gas at the stove, furnace , and space heater work properly?______
Are walkways clear, sturdy and wide enough to walk safely (using assistive devices
If burglar bars are present on doors and/or windows, will they bend for
Is there a phone within easy reach?______
Is there a working smoke detector near the kitchen and near each sleeping area?______
Dos the bathtub have a non-skid surface?______
If oxygen is in use in the hours, are all occupants aware of oxygen and cord safety?______
Are all occupants able to safely exit the home in five minutes or less?______
Are guns or weapons safely stored?______
Are there secure handrails on stairs?______
If a ramp is needed, is one present and safely constructed?______

at least three feet from stove, fireplace or heater?

of cigarettes, lighters and matches?______

if necessary)?______

Emergency exit or is the key close by?______

Sanitation Hazards

Is there indoor running water?______
Is food stored properly?______
Are there indoor toilet facilities?______
Do the stove and/or microwave operate properly?______
Is trash picked up on a regular scheduled basis?______
Is the water in the kitchen, bathroom and utility are working properly
Are there signs of rodent or pest infestation?______
Is there adequate refrigeration?______

each room?______

Modifications recommended after your assessment_____________________________________________________________

Why are home safety assessments important for a public health nurse to know and do?

What kind of teaching/topics can you see would be important for a public health nurse to do as a result of a home safety assessment?