reflective essay on person-centred communication in nursing


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reflective essay on person-centred communication in nursing
there will be a scenario you can change on it in way that will help you to write. an reflect on it. try to use the up-dated references.
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A five thousand word processed assignment on theoretical ethical professional and practical perspectives associated with person centred communication skills and approaches
You must complete a five thousand word assignment which illustrates your knowledge and understanding of the communication process including its application to clinical practice. The assignment will include exploration and discussion of theoretical concepts practice models and approaches as well as relevant ethical considerations including the awareness of self. Reference to and relevance for your clinical context and client groups will be expected. The work must be supported throughout by appropriate references and/or relevant sources of evidence. The discussion must be based upon sound evidence relevant to personal practice and experience as well as a range of literature sources including appropriate research.
You will need to discuss your ability to adapt models skills and strategies to best fit with your clients needs the context and your own role as a practitioner. In addition you will need to discuss your awareness of personal professional and organisational barriers and/or hindrances to the development of the person centred approach in practice. Also you will need to support your discussion with sources of evidence such as models and/or approaches that identifies and explores strategies for sustaining new developments and change in personal and professional practice.