quantitative research studies


In this paper, you will find 2 peer-reviewed articles related to a topic of interest to you in nursing. The articles should be quantitative research studies. For each article, provide a summary of each article and analyze the statistical test(s) used. Grading: 120 pts

Assignment Instructions:

Prepare a 1,500 to 2,000 word APA formatted paper in 6th edition.

Include the following topics in your paper:
? Topic & Background Information Summary ?Describe the topic of interest
?Describe why it is important for nursing to study this problem

?Peer-Reviewed Article Summary
?Find at least 2 peer-reviewed research studies related to the topic.
?Select a quantitative study.
?Summarize the following topics for each article:
?Purpose of the study
?Research question(s)
?Research design
?Sample size and selection
?Measuring instruments

?Statistical Analyses
?Describe the statistical tests used in each research study.
?Describe the level of significance.
?Explain the results of the statistical tests.
?Discuss whether you think the statistical tests used were appropriate for each study.

?Format the paper following APA 6th edition guidelines.
?Include a title page
?Include an introduction and a conclusion.
?Use section headings in accordance with APA standards for organization.
?Include at least 5 references.
?Cite and reference at least 2 peer-reviewed articles in the paper.
?Develop all citations and references according to APA standards