Quality of medication administration and safety.

use these litterateurs – 1 Medical error – the third leading cause of death in the Us.Study done at Johns Hopkins dep of surgery. 2. Simple steps to reduce medication errors , by Ruby Z .Chu, I have also attached one more along with the paper out line.

First paragraph – introduction
The implementations of quality and safety guidelines in the hospital settings is very crucial. With out these guidelines the safety of the patients and the staff will be in great danger. Some of the quality and safety guidelines that are already implemented are; Fall risk, VTE ( Venious Thrombo Embolitic ) , Chemo Protocol,Medication administration etc. On this paper I choose to talk about medication administration.
2nd Paragraph ? Problem statement and literature support : Prefer peer reviewed and current
Medication errors are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality ** ( Articles that support this
minimum 3 )
3rd paragraph the why ???
Rationale for selection of the problem:
As a current Registered nurse I have witnessed some fetal medication errors . Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US.
Medical error mostly occur when the Registered nurses failed to follow he five rights of medication administration, Or when the nurse failed to follow the safety guidelines and protocol in place . Not using proper PPID ( positive patient identification) can result in serious medication error. The hospital I work for has implemented the use of MC75 ( hand held mini computer ), a two step verification check by scanning the patient’s armband then the actual medication;confirming the medication with pyxis from the MAR ( Medication Administrating Record ),
4Th Paragraph.
? Finding that directly correlate to the actual performance outcomes with the problem: ( performance out come)
The implementation of strictly using the five rights of medication administration and the use of technology such as smart pumps and bar code assisted medication administration (BCMA) has proven to reduce the number of medication errors. Why do we still have medication errors ? And why does medication error remain the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, this is mainly due to the the increased
work load , constant interruption and the fear of reporting errors.
5th Paragraph
Plan design
Who -the nurse, what medication error, how ; intervention ? Time frame : how long the intervention
should be ? Projection of the desired out comes and future plans.
The cardiac intermediate care unit I work on in addition to implementing the use of 5 rights of medication administration and use technology , The Unit now has a dedicated unit based cardiac educator that educate and update nurses on an going bases. The hospital a quality improvement approach where errors are reported under PSE ( patient safety events ) . The unit management and
the educators encourages reporting errors as a learning experience and not a punitive steps. Minimizing
interruptions during medications administrations , by avoiding none essential tasks while administrating medications and having a quite zone has a positive outcome .
6th conclusion.
Restate the problem, articles , rationale , intervention project, and over all summer.