Population-Based Nursing Care Project



Present Population-Based Nursing Care Project

Congratulations! You are now in Week 6. This is our last week of the team Dicussion board.

Now, let’s wrap up the Population-Based Nursing Care Project!

This week, your instructor has assigned you to create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your Population-Based Nursing Care Plan Project. (See rubric in Course Info).


Post your PowerPoint presentation by Day 5 of this week.( You will also submit the presentation to the Week 6 Assignment 1 submission link )
Review all of your team members’ presentations. Respond by Day 7 to at least two of your colleagues’ initial postings:
Please address the following:

Describe a potential evaluation plan.
Now that you have completed the project what is your role in advancing population-based care in your community?
In your current practice and as a health leader in your community how will you collaborate with other healthcare providers to promote the health of your community?
Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature.