Please review and read the attachments provided with the order of this paper. Please read carefully the Professional Paper Worksheet Guidelines and then fill out the Professional Paper Worksheet Template in APA format. The paper should be able to answer the following


1. Page numbers in Hood textbook on your topic
• Worth 10 points – Clearly states page numbers in Hood textbook that correspond to the selected topic. (9–10 points)
2. Reference for Journal Article
• Worth 25 points – Reference for the article selected is typed using correct APA format including: authors, year, article title, journal name, volume number, issue number, page numbers, italics, parentheses, punctuation, line spacing, and hanging indent. Minimal or no errors (0–1 error). (23–25 points)
3. Quotation and Citation
• Worth 20 points – Types a quotation (10–25 words) from selected article using correct APA citation including quotation marks, authors’ names, year, page numbers, and parentheses with no errors or one minor error. Did not use words or ideas that the authors cited from another source. (18–20 points)
4. Paraphrased Area and Citation
• Worth 25 points – States location in article of area to be paraphrased (paragraph and page number). Types appropriately paraphrased version using correct APA citation including authors’ names, year, and parentheses with minimal errors. Did not use words or ideas that the authors cited from another source. (23–25 points)
5. Professional Paper Outline
• Worth 40 points – Develops outline for professional paper including introduction, 2 main topics, and conclusion (all with excellent subtopics as required on Template).
Excellent detail and depth used. (37–40 points)