Philosophy of nursing in a hospital setting.

•I believe that the essence of nursing is caring about and caring for human beings who are unable to care for themselves. I believe that the central core of nursing is the nurse-patient relationship and that through that relationship I can make a difference in the lives of others at a time when they are most vulnerable.

•Human beings generally do the best they can. When they are uncooperative, critical, or otherwise unpleasant, it is usually because they are frightened; therefore, I will remain pleasant and nondefensive and try to understand the patient’s perception of the situation. I pledge to be trustworthy and an advocate for my patients.

•I realize that my cultural background affects how I deliver nursing care and that my patients’ cultural backgrounds affect how they receive my care. I try to learn as much as I can about each individual’s cultural beliefs and preferences and individualize care accordingly.

•My vision for myself as a nurse is that I will provide the best care I can to all patients, regardless of their financial situation, social status, lifestyle choices, or spiritual beliefs. I will collaborate with my patients, their families, and my health care colleagues and work cooperatively with them, valuing and respecting what each brings to the situation.

•I am individually accountable for the care I provide, for what I fail to do and to know. Therefore, I pledge to remain a learner all my life and actively seek opportunities to learn how to be a more effective nurse.

•I will strive for a balance of personal and professional responsibilities. This means I will take care of myself physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually so I can continue to be a productive caregiver.

Use this guide to write your own your philosophy of nursing.

Purpose: To write a beginning philosophy of nursing that reflects the beliefs and values of __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [your name and date]

I chose nursing as my profession because nursing is _________________________________________________________________.

I believe that the core of nursing is _____________________________________________________________________________.

I believe that the focus of nursing is ____________________________________________________________________________.

My vision for myself as a nurse is that I will _______________________________________________________________________.

To live out my philosophy of nursing, every day I must remember this about:

My patients: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

My patients’ families: _______________________________________________________________________________________

My fellow health care professionals: ____________________________________________________________________________

My own health: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Philosophy of nursing in a hospital setting.

First, look at the philosophy of nursing of Memorial Health Care System in Chattanooga, Tennessee, found on the Evolve website (

one page by answering those questions according to the example mentioned at the begining.