Patient safety essay outlines that the shortage of nurses occurs

Patient safety essay introduction
The delivery of quality healthcare is a significant factor that needs
priority in all states. This article discusses one of the challenges
facing the healthcare facilities such as the shortage of medical
practitioners (Lopez, et al.). This aspect is crucial as it prevents the
national health system from achieving their set targets of covering the
health problems of the populations.
ii. Body
Patient safety essay outlines that the shortage of nurses occurs in different
categories, which can be defined as follows:
• To begin with, it is the willing nurse shortage where there is lack of
nursing professional to occupy the available vacancies (Lopez et al.).
• There is also the perceived funding shortage whereby there is lack of
finance to cater for the salaries of the health care providers, thus
they resign from their work (Lopez et al.).
• There is a need for the government intervention regarding the
challenge of the shortage of nurses, because it is the cause for
increased mortality rate.
Patient safety essay presents that the shortage of healthcare providers in the hospitals has several
• It results in the overcrowding of the health centers. The shortage of
nurses in the hospital leads to the delay of care provision to the
patients, hence making the health facility overcrowded.
• It increases the rate of errors made as the available nurses attempt
to hurry to attend to all patients (Newman 15). This article also
asserts that the mentioned issue decreases the bottom line of the given
hospital as most the hospital depend on the amount of the well-serviced
patients in order to generate income, while the shortage of nurses
results in the patients’ dissatisfaction (Gordon 476).
• There is a need for the government intervention in finding a solution
to this challenge; for example, this could be done through setting up
training facilities to improve the nursing education (Feldstein 241).
• Moreover, the government can offer financial support to the health
centers to ensure the nurses receive payment duly.
iii. Conclusion
In conclusion, the government intervention in solving healthcare
challenges is very significant. It is because the inadequate supply of
nurses in the hospitals results in overcrowding of the facility and