Nursing Organization Professional Meeting Critique



The purpose of this assignment is to develop Nursing leadership amongst colleagues which can advance the profession. Professional organizations create opportunities to develop leadership skills in a mutually respectful environment. Professional organizations advocate for lifelong learning, and Nursing empowerment as members of a shared profession. This assignment is an invitation to find an organization which fulfills your long-term professional goals.
This assignment meets the course objectives to develop strategies for exercising leadership in Nursing, promoting excellence, and being professionally involved in the profession to create nursings preferred future; and to evaluate the adoption of professional scholarly Nursing actions to develop standards of excellence across practice settings. Membership in organizations creates networking which leads to mentoring and role modeling of leadership behaviors.

A. Reflect on your professional career and determine what Nursing specialty area most interests you? Or attend a meeting in your particular area of expertise; if you are currently an active member of a Professional organization discover a different one; or volunteer for a leadership activity in your next meeting.
B. Attend the meeting prior to the due date for this assignment.
C. Write a 3-5 page critique of this meeting using APA format for any cited resources andcreate a document which describes:
The Organization
Mission, goals, and focus
Examine traits of Followers and Leaders in the meeting
Conduct a brief interview with an officer discussing why they chose to lead? Were they elected volunteered? or selected? What leadership role would you feel comfortable in? Secretary, Treasurer, President, Vice President, etc.?What are the advantages of being a member of this professional group? What percentage of members are certified in this group (estimate or ask person taking attendance)? Would you consider joining the organization? Could you actively participate as a member? If not, explain why?