Nursing Care and Rationale.

Mr John is a 52 year old male who is recovering in the Stroke Unit of his local hospital
following a left sided ischaemic stroke. He is conscious with a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)
of 15, and is due for discharge within the next week. His residual symptoms include
expressive dysphasia, right sided hemiparesis of his arm and leg with severe weakness in
both limbs.

Mr John is right handed. He normally enjoys playing soccer, and he has several
friends in his team who he has maintained a close relationship to over several years. Prior to
admission, he worked as an accountant. He has a supportive wife and a child who is 15
years old. However, he is having hard time accepting the fact that he is requiring assistance
from his wife to carry out everyday tasks.
Structure your assignment so that it meets the following requirements: This is a case
study report, and does not require an introduction and conclusion. You may use headings.

1. Overview of pathophysiology (approx 350 words, start a new paragraph). Provide a
description of the pathophysiology related to Mr John?s symptoms. This should include an
explanation of the functional changes Mr John is experiencing following his left sided
ischaemic stroke.

2. Nursing Care and Rationale. (approx 2150 words, start a new paragraph). Provide a
description of the current nursing care & short-term discharge requirements for Mr
John, focusing upon Roper, Logan and Tierney?s activities of living of:
? maintaining a safe environment,
? mobilising,
? communication,
? working and playing, and
? expressing sexuality.
You must also provide a rationale for the nursing care you describe. Your rationales must
be based on evidence from the academic literature and relate to the registered nurse?s scope
of practice.