Month 1. a few days from the Dinah coast Popular in Palm Springs keeps revelations for Whitney, for Natalie and Rose, as well as for Raquel and Mikey, that are thrilled to attend but hardly make it from their room

Month 1. a few days from the Dinah coast Popular in Palm Springs keeps revelations for Whitney, for Natalie and Rose, as well as for Raquel and Mikey, that are thrilled to attend but hardly make it from their room

The uninhibited Whitney juggles a Hollywood job and many interaction, certainly one of which becomes an enjoy triangle; made Jewish couple Nikki and Jill approach a pricey Malibu marriage; Mikey has difficulties with the great pressure of generating a trend Week show; the recently “out” Tracy deals with the effects of this fact about this model sex; Rose uncomfortably navigates monogamy for the first time.

Unique Surroundings Date: Jun 20, 2010

From inside the collection premier, Whitney juggles several outdated fires; “reformed athlete” flower has difficulties with a brand new monogamous connection with Natalie; monetary stresses making wedding planning difficult for Nikki and Jill; Mikey vents at an acting agencies while generating L.A. styles Weekend; not too long ago out Tracy can’t consult the irritating mummy about the woman latest relationship with Stamie.

Classic Atmosphere Go Out: Jun 27, 2010

Tracy locates Stamie’s three young children a challenge which is why she might not be completely ready; Mikey will continue to have a problem with the projects for Fashion vacation; Whitney was conflicted about Tor relocating, and contains an enchanting encounter with an old hookup; Nikki and Jill produce intends to write a manuscript about “sex-related fluidity;” flower try pressed by the girl parents to reconcile together with her estranged woman.

Authentic Air Go Steady: Jul 4, 2010

Flower and Natalie observe romantic days celebration with an intimate retreat, while Jill stores for a gift supply Nikki, Whitney emerges an innovative new function on her behalf motion picture undertaking, Tracy meals with Stamie, and Mikey pays for a makeover for her cousin, a recent cancer survivor.

Old Environment Time: Jul 11, 2010

Mikey visits Sin City for business making use of the desires Raquel will join up the, while Whitney ought to fix the commitment history straight, Nikki and Jill anxieties concerning the worth of his or her wedding ceremony, Natalie’s task lookup will take a great perspective, and Tracy ponders a career change.

Classic Air Meeting: Jul 18, 2010

Whitney sounds all the way up a classic relationship in bay area, Natalie and Rose disagree at a family getting, Nikki and Jill hunt for wedding dresses, Mikey scrambles to improve finances to be with her style week-end program, and Tracy’s unique profession indicates she actually is right now totally out.

Early Surroundings Time: Jul 25, 2010

Rose fulfills Natalie’s ma for the first time; Tracy discovers that the girl mummy continues spying for details about Stamie; Nikki and Jill scout wedding places in Malibu; Whitney becomes envious of Tor; Mikey soothes her style day nervousness with wine.

Different Atmosphere Go Steady: Aug 1, 2010

Mikey try big money of nervousness on the day of trends few days; Nikki and Jill host their own 1st Passover Seder as a number of; Whitney has a high-stakes online game of painting baseball; flower’s grandma stumbling bad; Tracy increases guidance for the lady past from a psychic.

Unique Environment Meeting: Aug 8, 2010

Rose possesses rendezvous with both an ex-girlfriend along with her woman; Nikki and Jill book a site with regards to their Malibu wedding; Tracy changes thirty; manner times at long last happens and Mikey encourages all this lady partners with the entrance line at their tv series.

Different Surroundings Big Date: Aug 15, 2010

3 Months, 27 Episodes

Year 3

Whitney demands Sara to marry her; Kacy and Cori burn their daughter; Romi bounces between aficionados; Hunter Valentine wonder if Somer is the ideal fit for them; Amanda transfers to LA to stay at with Lauren; Lauren finds love.

Season 2

Whitney and Romi stay close friends with attitude; Claire starts up a lesbian mag but has ambivalence from this lady ex-lover Francine; husband and wife Cori and Kacey wish to get adults; the recently out Sajdah looks for absolutely love.

Month 1

Whitney juggles a Hollywood profession as well as some relations; Jewish couples Nikki and Jill organize a Malibu wedding ceremony; Mikey battles to create a form few days show; Tracy happens belonging to the garage; flower attempts monogamy.