Medical or surgical procedures on the Sabbath.

Use Cultural Competence in Health Care book by Wen-Shing Tseng and Jon Streltzer to answer the questions.
– From chapter 4 you can find the answers on page 52.
remove the questions and put the answer.
– The answer should be no longer than two sentence.
– Make sure that you stay in outline form.
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– For those not in the form of a question, it is expected that you would still be able to see the important point.
This is the outline form and please do not change the subtitle.

V. Caucasian American Groups
A. Which are the major groups among Caucasian Americans?
B. How are the Irish believed to cope with illness?
C. Italian Americans
1. What are some genetic diseases that are prevalent among Italian Americans?
2. How might an individual who is sick behave?
D. Jewish-Americans
1. Medical or surgical procedures on the Sabbath.
2. Jewish tradition and dying.
E. The Amish
1. How are healthcare professionals viewed by the Amish?
2. Believe regarding medicine, healthcare and God.

VI. Hispanic American Groups
A. Overview
1. What are the basic similarities of the groups referred to as Hispanic and Latino?
2. What is the projected population growth for this group, ethnically speaking?
B. Common Concepts and Beliefs Relating to Health
1. General belief about health.
2. Belief about self-care.
C. Healthcare Issues
1. Health Beliefs
a. Belief about causes of injuries and illness
b. Who may be involved in the care of Latino patients?
2. Communication and Relationship with Healthcare Providers
a. Why is direct eye contact with authority figures such as healthcare providers frequently avoided?
b. Silence
3. Informing the Patient about Serious Illness