Literature review discusses a major theory /framework as a basis for the review.


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This is the last part of the assignment with the subject Pneumonia.

This paper is expected to be 10 ? 12 pages in length.
I. Research Focused Literature Review (50 points)
A. Introducing that includes background of guideline, such as why the guideline exists and how it is relevant to nursing practice?

B. Literature review discusses a major theory /framework as a basis for the review.

C. Evidence of literature search: Discuss the literature search. Include main search topics, databases used, and year range for articles. Discuss at least 6 research studies that are relevant to the guideline /guideline (s). Summarize and critically evaluate each study. Group like studies together under subheading that reflect major concepts.

D. Identify level of evidence for each of the studies

E. Based on the results of the study discuss how the study relates to your guideline(s). Does the study support or oppose the current recommendations?

F. Literature review is focused and organized.

II. Development of Recommendations (25 points)

A. Recommendations relevant to the guideline are given.

B. Recommendations are grounded in the literature reviewed for the guideline.

C. Conclusion is succinct and appropriate.

D. Areas for future research are identified.

III. Presentation of paper (50 points)

A. APA format

B. Grammar, spelling, and writing guidelines

C. Writing style

Total points: 150 points