List and explain the variables that exist in this situation

Chapter 2 discusses media effects research and the use of hypotheses and theories. In a 2-3 page paper, answer the questions below. Please make sure your paper is typed, double-spaced, and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Please use Microsoft Word document formats. I cannot open other types of files. Upload your paper here by 11pm on Friday.

Use the example theory below to answer the questions.

Example Theory: Playing violent video games causes violent behavior in children because children model the behavior they see in video games and re-enact it in real life conflict situations.

1) List and explain the variables that exist in this situation (i.e. things that might have impact on our prediction that violent video games cause violent behavior)

2) Indicate which variables are independent and which are dependent (i.e. which ones have the potential to change other variables or which would be affected by change in other variables).

Example: hours spent playing (independent), level of aggression (dependent) = the more hours they play, the more aggressive they will become

3) What type of experiement could you create that would allow you to test this theory? Explain.