Leadship Projects

1. Think back over the last several years and recall some projects that you were a part of, whether you were the leader or not. Identify two or three that were the most meaningful, energizing, and enriching and fun for you. The experience does not have to be nursing job related. It can be from a previous career, schooling, or civic involvement. What would you say characterized these experiences? What made them meaningful, energizing, enriching and fun? What made you want to continue to be part of them? Make a list of these attributes. What do these attributes say about what you value in the way projects are conducted? What do Kouzes and Posner say?

2. Imagine that it is one year after your project has successfully concluded. You overhear people talking about the legacy of your project as a result of how things were handled. What two or three things do you hope to hear them say? What do you need to do to start creating this legacy? What do Kouzes and Posner recommend? What does Michael Pugh say?

Note to Writer Mandatory Reference
J-B Leadership Challenge : Kouzes/Posner, Volume 204 : Leadership Challenge : How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations (5th Edition)
Chapters 1-3