Leadership Theory and Health Care


As Dr. Diane Mancino noted in this week’s media presentation, nurses, by their very nature, are leaders. They are leaders at the bedside, when interacting with a patient’s family members, in advocating for their patients, and when working on interdisciplinary teams. A nurse is responsible for many different aspects of a patient’s care to bring about positive change. When inefficiencies or problems are noted, the nurse must be an advocate and leader of change. Just how this is accomplished depends as much on the individual as the environment in which the change is required.

This week?s media presentation and readings discussed different styles of leadership and leadership theory. Reflect on the information presented this week and on your own work environment. Then, respond to the following:

? Which theory of leadership do you think is most effective in today?s health care environment? Why?

? How does ANA?sNursing: Scope & Standards of Practiceinfluence nursing leadership?

Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature.