Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing

Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing assignment:

Review Learning Exercise 12.6 – Problem Solving: Working Toward Shared Governance (will attach) and answer the questions
Use the book for the reference citation. The book is the following:

Title: Authors: Bessie L. Marquis & Carol J. Huston
Edition: 9th ed. (2017)
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
ISBN: 978-1496349798
Random sampling importance

Hello, I need these questions answered with a reference for each one. Please no plagiarism. I appreciate it. thank you.

1. Explain the importance of random sampling. What problems/limitations could prevent a truly random sampling and how can they be prevented?

2. Explain when a z-test would be appropriate over a t-test.

3. Researchers routinely choose an alpha level of 0.05 for testing their hypotheses. What are some experiments for which you might want a lower alpha level (e.g., 0.01)? What are some situations in which you might accept a higher level (e.g., 0.1)?