ldentify two nursing assessment tools that you would use to develop a current profile of your clients health status

Based on the case study provided below and drawing on evidence-based literature, analyse the clients details

to identify and prioritise key health problems, related nursing goals and interventions aimed at achieving safe and quality care forthat
client, including discharge planning.

Your report should include the following:

Introduction (100)

ldentifythe case and outline

the purpose and structure ofthe report.

Assessment (100)

ldentify two nursing assessment tools that you would use to develop a

current profile of your clients health status and explain your choice.

Clients Health Problems (300)

ldentify THREE (3) health

problems specificto your client and prioritise these problemsto ensure safe and quality care of your client. Justify the prioritisation
you decided.

Goals (150)

Based on the health problem you prioritised as the most urgent, identify2 goals or desired outcomesfor your


lnterv entions (350)

ldentifytwo interventionsfor each ofthe 2 goals and provide rationalesfor interventions.



ldentify at least4 key issuesthe client might face after discharge. What are the strategies you are going to use to addressthese

Conclusion (100)

Summarise the major points ofthis report, and stressthe importance ofthe report.



referto the Harvard Referencing System to accurately complete the reference list. Requirement 12 (including 2 journal articles)

Case study‘ TWO

Ont e morning shift, you are assigned to care for82 year old patient, Mrs Mable Harris, who just had an operation 16 hours ago

due to an unwitnessed fall at Bayview Lodge, a residential aged care facility.

She was admitted post being found by Nursing Home staff on

the floor next to her bed with the walking stick some distance awayfrom her. She was conscious and lucid. Her right leg was noticeably
shorter and appeared to be externally rotated. On assessment there appeared to be no other obvious injuries. She wastransported to ospital
via ambulance. Mabel was informed bythe medical staff at the hospital that she will require surgery. She is expected to be in hospital for
seven to ten days and may require a period of rehabilitation following discharge.

Mabel has a past history of osteoarthritis and according

to the nursing staff ‘always seems to have a cough or a cold. Mabel is an ex-smoker and is currently prescribed an anti-inflammatory
and an analgesicforjoint pain. She uses a stick in the care facility when mobilising, however, when s e goes out on day leave with her
family (Mabel hastwo daughters and a son) she requires the use of a frame for mobility.

Around 08:ooAM, you notice inflammation in her

lower leg and she complains of pain in her left leg. The pain score is 7/1 0.