Justify how UAEs healthcare sectors would want to utilize 5g technology

Justify how UAE’s healthcare sectors would want to utilize 5g technology

Important note: I am aware 5G technology in healthcare sector is a new field and not much has been done in a country such as UAE, so in this case, we can use what has been done in health sector other and more advanced countries. We need to justify how UAE’s healthcare sectors would want to utilize 5g technology to enable Telemedicine and Telesurgery for middle-income earners. Health care is expensive in UAE and most of the residents pay for their healthcare.

The introduction should be structured as identified below:
A. Background (understandable by non-expert)
B. The Practical significance
C. How does this research question meet FINER model
– FINER stands for: Feasible, Interesting, Novel, Ethical, Relevant)
This part of the introduction should be written in a way the 5 words are mentioned implicitly. This means this section will justify how the research question is Feasible (Telemedicine is the future aspiration), why it is interesting (benefit for middle-income earners), etc.. without direct mentioning of the 5 words (Feasible, Interesting, Novel, Ethical, Relevant)
D. What objectives/milestones to be achieved

Important note:
1- This document will be screened by two Plagiarism software, (this is very important), this paper can’t have more than 5% plagiarism rate
2- Please use academic words/native English speakers
3- The word count should be around 1500 words
4- The introduction should follow the structured as defined earlier
5- The introduction should follow a story-like style, should start with a summary of the topic and end of with conclusion leading to the next step which is literature review (just a sentence or two to inform the reader that the next step is doing the literature review)
6- All references (journals and research papers) to be used should be from a recognized source (e.g. IEEE, Harvard, Reputed Technology firms, etc..)
to help out, I have found these two jouranls for your to leavarge:

Topic: Telemedicine (Digital Hospitals /eHospitals)
Journal: International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications

Topic: Reliable and real-time remote patient monitoring (including data and artificial intelligence)
Journal: IEEE Internet of Things Journal