Is this companys rating significantly different from the industry average of 6.4?

is used in the following Show more Determine which level of measurement nominal ordinal interval or ratiois used in the following examples. The Association of Accountants is conducting a survey to determine the ranking of the top 100 accounting firms in the world. How many years did it take you to earn your college degree? On a questionnaire which asks for gender males are coded as 1 and females are coded as 2. Respondents are asked to rate a list of high-tech companies as excellent good fair or poor in terms of their service delivery. Cereal brands are arranged in an ordered sequence in which an equal interval exists between each point. LeBron James wears the number 23 on his jersey. The length of time it takes the winner of a marathon to cross the finish line. The brand of charge card used by a customer. Which sampling methodsimple random systematic stratified cluster convenience judgment quota or snowballis most appropriate for the following examples? A researcher for Kraft Foods selects five states randomly and then selects 10 supermarkets chains within each state to call for a phone survey as test markets for a new cookie. A new product researcher would like to investigate the use of virtual teams. After conducting an interview with a manager she asks for the names of other managers that use virtual teams. A news reporter asks people on the street their opinion about the presidents new bill. Jamie select Denver Colorado; Chicago Illinois; and San Diego California as test markets for a new potato chip line base on her experience with these markets. A researcher instructs field interviewers to interview customers of different cell phone companies in a nearby shopping mall so that they each interview 10 AT&T 8 T Mobile 6 Verizon and 4 owners of other cell phone providers. A finance professor wants to know how many MBA students would be willing to take a course in international finance this summer. She surveys students in the class she is currently teaching. Which hypothesis-testing procedure would you use in the following situations? Choose from: o Single Sample Test o Two-related Test o ANOVA o Chi-square The mean time an American family lives in a particular single-family dwelling is 11.8 years. A sample of 100 families in the Sycamore OK area shows the mean time living in a single family residence is 12.7 years. Can we conclude that the time people live in Sycamore is significantly more than the national average? A researcher would like to know if there is a significant difference in clothing purchases between full-time working women part-time working women and women who are homemakers. Eighty percent of those who play the state lottery never win more than $100 in one play. A sample of 500 players was drawn and the mean winning was $125. A drug manufacturing company conducted a survey of customers. The research question was as follows: Is there a significant relationship between packaging preference (size of the bottle purchased) and economic status? There were four packaging sizes: small medium large and jumbo. Economic status was categorized as follows: lower middle and upper. A company has 24 salespeople. The test must evaluate whether their product knowledge has improved or remained unchanged after a training program. A computer company has a brand loyalty rating of 6.8 on a 7 point scale. Is this companys rating significantly different from the industry average of 6.4? . Show less