Is there a works cited page and are the entries correct?

Is the title of the paper original and does it complement the papers topic? (1)

Is there a brief descriptive introduction (three or four sentences) that effectively gains the readers interest? (2)

Is there a clear thesis statement that focuses on diagnosing, evaluating treatment, and proposing a more effective treatment for one character in either Gilman, Kesey, or Edsons text? (2)

Body and Evidence (71):

Does each paragraph have (up to 40):

A clear, point-driven topic sentence that the student has not strayed from? (1)

Ample and applicable support from either the literature (not plot summary) or the four reputable sources and brief elaboration on that support? (3)

A brief assertion that sums up the paragraph and reflects the thesis? (1)

Are the paragraphs organized logically and well, following the recommended page requirements for each section? (6)

Have a minimum of four scholarly secondary sources been utilized? (-3 for each source short)

Has the student proven his or her thesis by the end of the paper? (13)

Conclusion (3):

Has the student briefly reiterated his/her thesis and main points? (2)

Has the student left the reader with an effective lasting thought or impression? (1)

Has the paper met the page requirement? ((1/2 page short = -5 Full page short = -10))

MLA (15):

Is the information in the upper left and right-hand corners correct and in the correct order? (1)

Is the entire document double-spaced with 1” margins? (2)

Is the font 12 point Times New Roman? (2)

Has the student written in present tense when needed? (2)

Is textual support (quotes and paraphrases) cited correctly according to MLA standards? (3)

Is there a works cited page, and are the entries correct? (5)

Mechanics (6):

Are there three or fewer glaring grammatical or diction errors:

Comma splices or fused sentences

Misspellings or wrong words

Fragments or run-ons

Lack of agreement or vague pronouns

Wonky sentence or awkward wording