involvement in efforts to influence health care policy


The purpose of this week’s Discussion is to develop your systems thinking by making connections between the ACA provisions, The Future of Nursing Report recommendations and the principles of action /activism to guide nurses ‘ involvement in efforts to influence health care policy .
Outline the key aims /priorities of the ACA
Outline the key themes in the Future of Nursing Report and discuss their linkages to ACA (Affordable Care Act) aims/priorities
Please be sure to include at least one reference with in text citations that you found in your post.

Required Textbooks:
Glassman, K., Rosenfeld, P. (2015). Data Makes the Difference: The Smart Nurse’s Handbook for Using Data to Improve Care. Silver Springs ,Maryland. American Nurses Association.

Duffy, J. (2013) Quality Caring in Nursing and Health Systems: Implications for Clinicians, Educators, and Leaders, New York. Springer Publishing Company.

American Psychological Association (2009). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition. Washington,D.C. American Psychological Association